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  • Waterproof Plugging Material
Waterproof Plugging MaterialWaterproof Plugging Material

Waterproof Plugging Material

  • Thickness:1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 
  • Width:5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 15cm or customized
  • Description: The good-quality and cheap price from Chinese waterproof factory(Accept the OEM).

“KD-FDB” Waterproof Plugging Material is a powder waterproof leaking stoppage material made out of special cement and additive by a very special technical processing, used for damp proofing, anti-permeation and leaking stoppage engineering.
Execution standard: National standard GB 23440-2009 “ Inorganic Waterproof Plugging Material”

·Can be constructed with water, dampproofing, anti-permeation, and rapid blocking ability;

·Upstream and downstream face construction are feasible;

·Setting time is optional;

·High strength of anti-permeation, high bonding strength, waterproof, one time bonding;

·Integrated with base completely, non-aging, perfect water resistance.

· For damp proofing, anit-permeation and leaking stoppage of all kinds of underground buildings or structures, cable ditch, water pool, bathroom, civil air defence cave depot, subway, tunnel etc.

· Emergency maintenance for underground pipes,running water pipes, dams, other facilities .



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