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About us

  WEIFANG KEDE BUILDING WATERPROOF MATERIAL CO.,LTD is the professional manufacturer of reliable and effective building materials and systems.The factory is located in Taitou building waterproof Industrial zone of Weifang city(The Chinese most professional and greatest waterproof industrial zone started from the 80s ). We are proud to offer up-to-date materials and system that combine global expertise and Advantages of local industrial clusters.

  The factory are committed to research and manufacture the high-quality and most suitable building materials for the every client from our up-to-date equipment, our work and efforts.Committed to address the comprehensive energy efficiency of buildings and structures. Our innovative solutions enable us to create high technology and energy-efficient buildings, improve the quality of buildings under construction, cut down operation and construction costs. We are glad to know that our materials are used in the construction of houses, plants, bridges, social infrastructure facilities and other objects, which improve the level and quality of life of people.

  The KEDE WATERPROOF produces many kinds of  Spunbond Polyester Nonwoven,PVC/TPO/ EPDM waterproof membrane, SBS/APP modified bitumen waterproof membrane, self-adhered bitumen membrane, asphalt shingles,waterproof coatings and others.


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