Why choose us

· Wide range of high-quality materials and reliable solutions allow making a choice that is best suited to the customer both in price and in quality;

· Customized products according the specific projects and construction environment;

· Relying on the advantage of local industrial clusters and technological advantages. The material and system will be most suitable for your project and market,and you will not overpay for the unnecessary properties;

· Products - high-quality waterproofing and thermal insulation materials - are fully compatible and can be used in proposed systems;

· Material compatibility with each other is one of the basic conditions to obtain a reliable complete insulation system.we follow three main principles for the our product: the compatibility of components, durability and reasonable price.This is the direction we have been studying;

· Competitive price;

The good-quality and cheap material from the local supporting factory,the experienced and efficient worker,the advanced equipment that reduce the material production cost.

· fast delivery time;

The great production ability ensure the fast delivery time.


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