Waterproof Coating

  • Spraying Polyurea Elastic coating
Spraying Polyurea Elastic coating

Spraying Polyurea Elastic coating

  • Physical condition:liquid
  • Color :production according the project
  • Packing:metal drum
  • Description:

"KD-C13"  Spraying Polyurea Elastic coating is two components elastic membrane paint formed from cross-linking reaction and solidification of component A and component B,without solvent. a new type of waterproof and anti-corrosive coatings, the rapid response of site construction, spraying technology is a kind of newest coating technology of the 21st century.

·100% solid content, no volatile organic compound (VOC), no pollution,environmentally friendly;

·Rapid curing: About 1-2 hours, the next stage construction is able to be carried out after 4-5 hours;

·Continuous and dense coating, thickness can be reached at1 mm for one time;

·Excellent physical and chemical property: The formed film has perfect mechanical property and weather resistant property; Good low and high temperature resistance;

·Low temperature flexibility can be reached at -40 ℃ , and heat resistance can be reached at 150 ℃ ; Perfect solvent resistance and corrosion resistance;

·Convenient to be constructed, manually blade coating, without expensive construction facilities;

·Perfect adhesive property with cement, steel, wood and glass fiber reinforced plastics etc ;

Applied to waterproof and corrosion resistant engineering constructions of bridge, roof, bathroom,basement,tunnel,culvert, water pool, water tower and swimming pool.



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